Reverse Sear Pre-Roasted Grilled Lamb Chops

Once in a while, the need for something earthy, meaty, covered in rosemary & garlic, then roasted til succulent and tender arises. When that happens we sometimes think of lamb. Where the lamb is from and what it eats strongly affects the flavour, we tend to favour lamb a little older, that have had free roaming pastures, with lovely healthy green grass filled with nutrients, eg Icelandic Lamb. But if you can't find Icelandic Lamb, you can always settle for Australian Lamb like we did this round. (wink) So here goes:



1 Whole 7 Rib Lamb Tomahawk (about 1.5-2KG)

2.5 Tbsp Garlic Powder

2.5 Tbsp Dried Oregano

4/5 Fresh Rosemary Sprigs

3 Tbsp Course Sea Salt

2 Tbsp Black Pepper

A light neutral oil ( I use Sunflower)



This works when there are whole lamb racks from your friendly butcher. I think it works better with slightly older Lamb (Hogget), this explains why the rack is so big. Spring lamb is too lean and small for this to work well.

Trim off the Tendon-y layer and any access silverside (that’s the thin layer of translucent film between the fat and the flesh) Trim of the bit that sits just on top of the fat.

Score the Fat with wide crossing cuts 0.5cm into the fat and outer flesh. Make small slits along the rib lines so the ribs separate when the meat shrinks while cooking.

Season liberally ( and I mean LIBERALLY!!!) with Sea Salt, Ground Black Pepper, dried Oregon and Garlic Powder (again don’t skimp) on both sides of the lamb rack. Make sure the salt and garlic evenly spread into the scored bits. Place overnight in a ziptop bag with rosemary sprigs..

Remove from fridge 1hr before roasting.

Preheat Oven to 75 degree (yes 75 !!). Coat the surface of the lamb with a thin layer of oil using brush or your fingers. Place in the center of a fan assisted oven until internal temperature from the deepest part of the rack reads on your meat thermometer at 52 degrees (about 1.5 hours if meat roasts from room temperature). Remove from oven and allow to cool uncovered until 20 mins before serving. Don’t worry if you find this too rare at this stage.

Cut each rib off the rack with a sharp knife and lay the newly created chop on rack on a baking tray.

Preheat your oven to the maximum setting (top grill or broiler), lightly coat each chop with a little cooking oil (especially if the lamb is of the leaner variety). Broil for 3 minutes on each side turning once and arranging the lamb to brown evenly. Alternatively you can grill on a hot barbeque for 2 mins on each side until brown and sizzling.

Serve with chopped parsley, mint sauce or whole grain Dijon mustard.