Corned Beef with Slaw Sandwich



  1. Palm Premium Corned Beef w/ Juices 
  2. Onions - sliced
  3. Bread - for this we used an onion bagel
  4. Coleslaw
    • Cabbage - sliced
    • Carrots - sliced
    • Mayonnaise
    • Apple cider vinegar
    • Dijon mustard
    • Celery seeds
    • Salt, pepper & sugar to taste

The How To

  1. To make the Coleslaw:
  • Slice Cabbage and Carrots into very thin shreds (you can mix purple cabbage for added colour if you like)
  • Mix other ingredients together into a creamy sauce adding salt, pepper & sugar for added flavour
  • Combine sliced vegetables with creamy sauce and mix well
  • Coleslaw keeps well in the fridge and you can prepare this in advance
  • Fry up Palm Corned Beef together with sliced onions
  • Slice in half and toast buttered bread
  • Layer on the the fried corned beef and slaw

Serve and enjoy!