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DIY Vanilla Salt Kit w/ Watercolour Ceramic Jar

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Create your own blend of Vanilla Salt marrying Halen Môn's delicious Anglesey Sea Salt with the Heilala's aromatic Pure Vanilla Powder.

Simply mix 5g of Heilala Pure Vanilla Powder with 100g of Halen Môn Anglesey Sea salt. The tough part is waiting a week or two for both flavours to infuse. 

Want to know more about Vanilla Salt? Read this article by Epicurious writer, Emily Johnson, Vanilla Salt Is the Only Flavored Salt I Have Room for in My Life.

DIY Kit contains:

  • Halen Môn Watercolour Ceramic Jar w/ 100g of Pure Sea Salt x1
  • Halen Môn Pure Sea Salt 100g x1
  • Heilala Pure Vanilla Powder 25g x1

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