LoRUSSo Blackberry Extra Jam "Amor e Mora"


Delicate jam with a tasty, intense and succulent berry flavor, made from ripe fruits which have a fresh and intense flavor, with great nutritional properties as well as source of mineral salts and vitamins, especially rich in vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber. Elaborated in a traditional way, it can be eaten or tasted directly from your boat, in the natural way or it can be combined in the kitchen of different forms, in traditional cakes or as a decorative element for all kinds of dishes, yoghurts, cakes, ice creams, gelatines and cheeses.

Colour and appearance: From the blackberry comes the name purple color because of its peculiar and characteristic tone in which it is composed of berries and / or whole berries.

Available in 175g & 305g

Berries from our land at the right point of ripening.
It contains 80g of fresh fruit for every 100g, which allows us to take advantage of the natural sugar of the fruit, adding as a supplement the fair content of organic sugar cane of superior quality.

Our handmade jams are 100% natural, FREE FROM COLORINGS AND PRESERVATIVES.

CAUTIONS: It’s normal and frequent that a jar of blackberry jam doesn’t last a whole morning… Running that flies!

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