Tierra Palaciega

Tierra Palaciega Fried Tomato Sauce

$8.50 $9

Fried Tomato from Los Palacios with extra virgin olive oil. Gluten Free. Lactose Free. 

Low heat cooked


Natural products and a traditional recipe.

The production of our products strictly follows a traditional recipe created by founder's grandma, guaranteeing a unique handmade product of maximum quality.

The fried tomato sauce is cooked over a low heat taking between three and three and a half hours to be made. That implies a slow and suitable reduction of the raw material, obtaining only a 365g jar of fried tomato sauce for every 1.35 kg of natural tomato.

Our Tomatoes.

From our fields to your table 

The raw material used to create Tierra Palaciega's Fried Tomato Sauce comes from the family's own fields. Harvesting tomato varieties that put flavour ahead of massive production, they are hand-picked in their ideal point of maturing.

The tomatoes are the rounded smooth kind, not industrial varieties, which produces a a unique product. They are awarded the Collective Mark of Los Palacios Tomato and the Global Gap certificate, what certifies good farming habits, caring about the environment and consumer's wellness.

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