Foster Foods

Dukkah King X Full Moon Bundle


Fancy an amazing appetizer for that dinner party you're hosting this weekend? Foster Foods is collaborating with Dukkah King to bring you an amazing bundle of Dukkah paired with Full Moon Extra Virgin Olive Oil shipped direct to your home. Your guests would be impressed with the complementing flavours of Dukkah and Extra Virgin Olive Oil paired with some warm bread.

Bundle includes:

  1. Dukkah King Almond Dukkah x1
  2. Dukkah King Cashew Nut Dukkah x1
  3. Full Moon Extra Virgin Olive Oil x1


Dukkah King's Dukkah is made in Singapore and is a mixture of spices, nuts, and seeds that originated in Egypt and can be used as a seasoning, a condiment, or eaten all on its own.

Full Moon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Super Premium Quality EVOO is made with Arbequina olives that are harvested during the Full Moon of October, drawing on the ancient farming tradition to follow the lunar cycle and maximize the benefit of its natural influence. The moon which controls nature, influences tides, rain, animals, plants and humans and is believed to accentuate the intensity of the oil. Full Moon Arbequina’s aroma is elegant and rotund, rich in vegetal hints of lettuce, artichoke and wild thistle with fruity notes of unripe tomato and fresh walnut.

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